GTC 30km - 2000m D+

The race goes through routes in Courmayeur, for a total length of about 30km and an altitude range of 2000mt, mainly going along Val Ferret.

Start and finishing lines in Courmayeur. Runners must complete the route in 8 hours.

The race is technical, due to the high altitude range but the routes itdevelopes on are not particularly tricky. Passages on sealed roads are reduced to the minimum possibile: the race will use them just around town where it crosses public streets.



  • Balcony in Val Ferret between Refuge Bertone and Refuge Bonatti
  • Panoramic wiew on Courmayeur from La Suche




Along the race runners will find refreshment points, water points and first aid points.

In Courmayeur there will be a final refreshment point with hot meal served.

The dislocation of the differents points has been studied in order to insure appropriate assistance to runners, but the idea of semi- self-sufficiency trail running persists: every runner has to carry a food reserve, water and emergency equipment during the whole race in order not to incurr in disqualification.



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