Press release | Day 2

The Gran Trail Courmayeur closes in beauty "thinking" to the Tor


Aperitif with award ceremony for the three races of the Gran Trail Courmayeur, Sunday 15th July in Piazza Brocherel, in the heart of the Italian capital of Mont Blanc. While the athletes of the 30, 55 and 105 km climbed on the podium, the last ultra trailers of the long race, the 105 km, crossed the line after their continuous and spectacular high-speed gallop started Saturday morning at 7.

Race that has seen the forty-year-old engineer from Aosta Valley Franco Collé (13 hours, 48 ​​minutes and 55 seconds his stratospheric time at the finish) excels, who until the half of the race had gone hand in hand with the other compatriote on which the eyes of all where set, Giuliano Cavallo. They even found time to stop and take pictures together, to the delight of the local fans distributed along the routes. Then, after the Rifugio Elisabetta, Collé has geared the upper gear and Cavallo has considered it appropriate not to force, not to reactivate the aftermath of recent ailments. However, Cavallo came second (14.26.05), improving his performance compared to last year. On the third step of the podium the twenty-five Andrea Biffi (15,21,24), serene and relaxed as he had a walk in Via Roma. Biffi, who is also an excellent climber, is 25 years old and lives in the wonderful wine-growing area of ​​Stellenbosh, just at east of Cape Town, South Africa. He will gladly take home a bit of Aosta Valley..


The women's 105 km was the prerogative of the Swiss Julia Fatton (18,51,12) who left behind the thirty-seven-year-old Nia Cooper, who lives in Hong Kong (20.48,07) and the twenty-six-year veterinarian from Varese Giulia Saggin ( 21,18,26). A threesome of athletes that boasts a remarkable international curriculum and therefore already accustomed to the "ebony" of the podium.


The long race had a handful of thunderstorms in the evening to get in the way and induce some competitor to retire before having to face the night at Malatrà valley. But then the stars came back.


The Gran Trail Courmayeur has once again fulfilled its "function": attracting athletes from all over the world (over 1000 from 36 countries), making them appreciate technical and safe routes, and five-star views and hospitality. Everyone has been able to choose the race within their reach and many athletes will see them on the Aosta Valley trails in less than two months, for the Tor des Géants® and the Tot Dret. Including Francis Desandré, an amputee athlete, with his project "Gamba in Spalla2 (Leg in shoulder). At the Gran Trail  he has completed the 30 km.


The event was also, as is now tradition, an experimental laboratory in the environmental field, always in close collaboration with the Erica Social Cooperative, within the EcoloTor project. Such as the adoption of containers to collect trail shoes no longer in use (the material will be recycled) and the use of adhesive tags applied to food stocks (of competitors of 30 km), associated with bib numbers. The "tagged" waste had to be thrown into special containers distributed in the various refreshment points. "Ecoscope", equipped with special tag readers, were then able to check that the waste of competitors had not been abandoned along the way. Everything, even in this case, is spun to perfection. Ultra trail and nature are always more in agreement.

The appointment is then July 13th and 14th 2019 for the seventh edition of the Gran Trail Courmayeur. During the summer VDA Trailers invites you to TOR in Tour, stories of TOR at high altitude: a series of evenings to discover the places of the TOR, to meet and get to know the protagonists of the toughest endurance trail in the world in the welcoming and exclusive ambiance of mountain shelters.

Informal chat with friends in magical places, within reach of hikers, runners, tourists, simply passing by. Appointment then every Thursday, from mid-July to late August, at 17.00 for a drink together.


First appointment:

19th July - Chalet de l’Epée (2370 mt)


19 luglio - Chalet de l’Epée (2370 mt)

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