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Important information regarding the race, materials, and the weather conditions expected for the weekend.


A recommendation for everyone: remember that the GTC is a demanding race that takes place in high mountains, mostly above 2000 meters in altitude. 

Carefully consider what to put in your backpack and what clothing to wear, especially during the night.


For the GTC100 and GTC55 runners:

Due to the heavy snowfall at the end of spring, there are rather extensive snowfields along the route. Our trackers have covered the entire course and prepared the snowfields for your passage. 

For your safety, it has been decided to make crampons mandatory, and we strongly recommend using trekking poles. 

Near the more challenging sections, there will be mountain guides ready to assist if you find yourself in difficulty. They will be identifiable by the yellow vests they will be wearing.

Due to the snow, we will not be passing behind the Pyramides Calcaires. Therefore, from the Col de la Seigne, you will descend directly to the Elisabetta Hut, following the Tour of Mont Blanc trail.

Watch out for mud as well. The ground is saturated with water, making it very slippery.

For the GTC30 runners:

You will not encounter any particular difficulties. The route is well marked and there are no snowfields to cross. Crampons are not required.


Our volunteers have marked the entire route with red flags, signs, and green paint marks. Always follow the flags and you will not go off course.

Be cautious at road crossings. Where possible, there will be volunteers to monitor, especially at the beginning where there will be many participants. However, remember that adherence to traffic rules is always required.

For the GTC100 and GTC55 runners: pay attention to the route split at the Maison Vieille hut. There will be signs indicating the direction to take, so please follow them.

Those running the GTC100 should head towards Mont Blanc (left) to descend into Val Veny.

Those running the GTC55 should head to the right to descend towards Courmayeur.

The route through the town of Courmayeur will be marked with various signs and flags attached to poles, railings, and wherever possible. Be careful, as it’s easy to lose your way while moving through crowds. We will do our best to guide you to the finish!


The aid stations are stocked with everything you might need. They are approximately 8/10 km apart from each other. Do not underestimate the importance of having a good supply of water, especially in the Val Ferret section (for those doing the GTC100 and GTC30). The balcony is long and always in the sun!

At each aid station, your time will be recorded, so we will know your real-time location.


It could happen that someone decides to withdraw. Remember that you must always communicate this to the volunteers at the aid stations so that we can organize your return to Courmayeur. Shuttles to bring you back to Courmayeur will be available at Arpy, La Thuile, Youlaz, Rifugio Elisabetta (Lago Combal), Brenva, and Leuchey.

Even those who stop at Skyway, once they descend by cable car, will be picked up by our volunteers.


For GTC100 runners:

Along with your bib, you will receive a pass that allows one of your companions to ride up to Pavillon on the Skyway cable car. Simply present the pass at the ticket office to receive a round-trip ticket to Pavillon. One pass equals one free ticket. The last cable car down from Pavillon will be at 10:30 PM.

Runner’s bags will be transported to Pavillon. Once you have passed through or if you withdraw before Pavillon, the bags will be brought back down to the valley by cable car. We cannot guarantee a fast service as we depend on the availability provided by the facility operator. Please be patient and wait as necessary. Note that volunteers are not responsible for any delays. It may take several hours before your bag returns to Courmayeur, so we recommend having a change of clothes in Courmayeur.

At Pavillon, you will find a dining area, medical assistance, and massaggiaTOR (massage services).

IMPORTANT! There are no showers available.


At the elementary schools in Courmayeur, where you will collect your bib, the Life Base will be set up. There you will find showers, a dining area, a place to sleep for a few hours, medical assistance, and massaggiaTOR (massage services).

Your luggage will not be stored there, and it is not an alternative solution for sleeping overnight.

You will receive a meal voucher which you must hand over to the volunteers, entitling you to a full meal. The kitchen may close during the night to allow the cook to rest, but we will still strive to provide something warm for everyone.


Friday: Thunderstorms are possible during the day, tapering off in the evening/night. Start with appropriate clothing, especially since you will spend the entire night at high altitude.

Saturday and Sunday: Two days of good weather with warm temperatures. Remember that you will face the climb to Pavillon and the entire Val Ferret balcony in the sun. Prepare with an adequate supply of water.

Further updates will be provided during the briefing at the starting line.


We conclude this briefing with a big good luck to everyone. Remember that trail running is a sport where fun and fair play are essential: have respect for yourself, for fellow runners, for volunteers, and for the environment.



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