COVID-19 provisions

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Runners enrolled to participate must produce a certification or the Green Pass that witnesses one of the following cases:
  • negative swab carried out not earlier than 48 hours before the race
  • full vaccination programme or first inoculated dose at least 15 days prior to race
  • immunity after healing not more than six months before the race
This documentation shall be submitted at the bib delivery. The same documentation will be required for accompanying persons who wish to enter the race areas.
NB: the above documentation removes and replaces the self-certification COVID-19 mentioned in the Regulation
The VDA Trailers task force, made up of professionals and experts in health emergencies, has defined the guidelines for conducting the race safely, in addition to the protocols already in force for mountain huts, public places, transport and sporting events.
In recent months we have all gotten used to some basic behaviors that will also be valid during competitions:
  • the obligation to use the mask inside and outside when spacing cannot be guaranteed
  • the distance between people
  • the temperature measurement
  • the sanitation of the hands
In addition to these simple rules, there will be some special provisions:
  • Bib delivery: access to the area will be regulated to ensure spacing and avoid gatherings. You will be assigned a number with which you will be called to receive your bib and your race pack. You will always have to wear a mask.
  • Start: the start area will be enlarged and the competitors will have to keep safe distances. The mask will be mandatory for everyone up to at least 500 meters after the start. There will be an anti-crowd control service both in the departure area and along the city route.
  • Time detection: in all passage points (refreshment points, huts or life bases) there will be the time detection system with chip.
  • Life bases and refreshments points: where necessary we will increase the spaces used for rest; food and drinks will be distributed by volunteers with the prohibition for runners to serve themselves, to avoid contagion. There will be a ban on access for both the public and accompanying persons, but special spaces will be set up for meeting the assistants; the mask will always be mandatory.
  • Refuges: all the refuges are already organized to welcome their guests according to a precise protocol that will also be applied during the competition.
  • All the people of the GTC (competitors, volunteers, collaborators) will also be equipped with a chip for correct tracking.