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The presence of EOLO, Italian company with a leadership position in the telecommunications sector and the principal provider of ultra-wide band wireless internet for the domestic and corporate sectors, has been officially confirmed as one of the Main Sponsors of the Gran Trail Courmayeur, one of the most famous and gruelling trail running competitions of its type.


A cooperation based on shared values

The link between EOLO and the Gran Trail Courmayeur is based on the shared target of permitting everyone to reach their objectives: by means of its widespread connectivity, EOLO enables increasing numbers of people to connect to the rest of the world and perform a range of activities, both in professional spheres and other fields. A central tenet in the company’s approach is the desire to accompany all its users on a path hallmarked by innovation, reliability and transparency, so that everyone can turn their dreams into reality. Reaching objectives and surpassing them, challenging oneself and setting increasingly ambitious goals: this, in summary, is at the core of the collaboration between EOLO and Gran Trail Courmayeur. 


This was the context for the “EOLO Missione Comune” project, an operation launched in 2019 in order to counteract the diminishing population of Italy’s smaller settlements by means of digitalisation, which can contribute to the country’s sustainable, inclusive growth. The project enables municipalities with populations under 5,000 – benefiting from the contributions made by citizens and supporters voting for their favourite municipality on the website – to obtain technological products of utility for the community, to a value of 1 million euro per year for three years. 


EOLO has been committed to fighting the digital divide for over 15 years, and today it is one of the largest suppliers of wireless connectivity for companies and private individuals, with the objective of developing its presence even in the most remote areas of Italy, where other operators do not provide services. Today the company is present across the entire national territory, covering over 6,500 municipalities, providing connectivity with its network for over 1,200,000 people comprising private users and companies. The ideals and objectives of its founder and CEO Luca Spada include the desire to guarantee the right to connectivity across the whole of Italy, using the finest technology, the most advanced equipment and high standards of quality.


The Gran Trail Courmayeur has now reached its ninth edition, and it is scheduled to take place from 9 to 11 July 2021. Every year the race attracts hundreds of athletes from all over the world: the gruelling routes, their technical difficulty, and the sensation of a monumental sports dimension, considering that participants are running at the foot of Mont Blanc, make the GTC one of the most coveted and strongly-desired competitions amongst all those who love mountain running. 


Organised with a route that runs along the area around Courmayeur, a town acknowledged as Best of the Alps and an iconic Valle d’Aosta resort, the GTC takes place over three distances – 100 km, 55 km and 30 km – with total ascent reaching 7,900 metres, and some particularly challenging high-altitude sections, including a number of passages on rock, and snow-covered segments, crossing hills and lofty crests.

Commitment, perseverance and effort are the characteristics hallmarking the Gran Trail Courmayeur, an adventure consisting of breath-taking landscapes and unparalleled excitement, with all the flavour of an epic endeavour for those who experience it, a race that for years has brought unforgettable emotions to its participants, and that represents a celebration of the local area.




For further information on EOLO and its activities, visit the official website.

To find out all the details of the “EOLO Missione Comune” project, visit this page.





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