GEIE du Tunnel du Mont-Blanc

GRAN TRAIL COURMAYEUR and Mont-Blanc Tunnel… a partnership at the foot of the Mont-Blanc massif.


The longest tunnel in the world under the highest mountain in Europe… utopia, a vision, a challenge, an undertaking that seemed impossible at the time, but was believed in by the pioneers and champions of the Mont-Blanc Tunnel. 


On 16th July 1965, the Presidents of the Italian Republic and of the French Republic, Mr Giuseppe Saragat and Mr Charles De Gaulle, inaugurated the Mont Blanc. Three days later, on 19th July, the first cars went through the opening of what was, at the time, the longest road tunnel in the world beneath the highest mountain in Europe. Since then, almost 80 million vehicles have passed through the Tunnel.


The Mont-Blanc Tunnel, the connection between the peoples and territories in the heart of the Alps, is proud to contribute to strengthening the spirit of unification represented by GRAN TRAIL COURMAYEUR, by providing its support for organisers, volunteers and competitors.


Today, the Mont Blanc Tunnel is an important link between Italy and France. A symbol of friendship between the two countries and also a world reference for innovation in the field of safety. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Italian and French teams are engaged in ensuring a high level of service and safety. For this engineering feat of 11.6 km in length, they employ over 300 people, which means more than 25 people per kilometre. The Mont Blanc tunnel makes it possible to reach Chamonix from Courmayeur in 12 minutes. A key link for local tourism, serving over thirty stations in the heart of the Mont Blanc valleys, and well beyond.


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