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Qualifying race for Tor des Géants® 2025: 100 bibs will be available in 2025 for the finishers of GTC100 2024, who may bypass the draw and register directly for the Tor des Géants® 2025.

GTC 100 2023
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Start: Friday July 12, 2024 at 10 pm from Piazza Abbé Henry, Courmayeur

Arrival: Jardin de l’Ange, in Courmayeur


The route winds along paths in the area between Courmayeur, Pré-Saint-Didier and La Thuile for a total of 100km, mainly through Val Veny and Val Ferret, with a positive elevation gain of 7900 metres.

Starting out on Friday at 10 pm from the Piazza Abbé Henry in Courmayeur (1250m ASL), it heads towards Dolonne and the Fonte Vittoria then takes the trail leading to Champex di Pré-Saint-Didier.

From the Pré Saint Didier pool, take the path that leads towards Arpy village (the refreshment point will be at the Hostel), climbing up until the Colle della Croce and then descending to La Thuile.

You join then the trail that leads to the Deffeyes Refuge (refreshment point, 2500m ASL) after a short section equipped with chains.

From the refuge, the trail descends to the waterfalls and arrives at Arly in La Thuile (1450m ASL), which marks completion of approximately one third of the overall route.

Following a part of the route from the Tor des Géants® in reverse, the trail then passes the entrance to the Youlaz valley (refreshment point, 2047m ASL), Colle dell’Arp (2572m ASL), Colle di Youlaz (2661m ASL) and the highest point of the race below Mont Nix (2830m ASL).

A long section then takes the trail runners up to Colle du Berrio Blanc (2818m ASL) and Mont Fortin (2755m ASL), where there’s another refreshment point in a portable hut flown in by helicopter.

From here it runs alongside the lakes towards Col Chavanne (2598m ASL), then descends to Col de la Seigne (2510m ASL) and the “Casermette” (2290m ASL), other refreshment point at the Elisabetta refuge (2197m ASL).

From here the trail follows the Tour du Mont Blanc, passing by Lake Combal (1952m ASL), Arp Vieille (2303m ASL) and Lake Checrouit (2151m ASL), and arriving at the Maison Vieille refuge (1952m ASL), which is the last refreshment point before the life base in Pavillon.

Road goes down towards the Val Veny, and from here starts the climb towards the Pavillon du Mont Fréty that leads to the intermediate Skyway Monte Bianco station where the life base is located.

Pay attention to the crossroads: GTC55 and GTC100 pass in the same place but the paths split in two different paths!

Using the old path, you reach La Palud and, after crossing the bridge, take the path to rejoin the balcony at Lechey.

The magnificent Val Ferret balcony takes runners up to the Bonatti refuge and the Malatrà valley, which marks the approximate half-way point of the race.

The ascent of the last two hills, Entre deux Sauts (2524m ASL) and Col Sapin (2435m ASL), starts from here, followed by a descent through Curru, La Suche and L’Ermitage, returning to the finish point at Jardin de l’Ange in Courmayeur.


The maximum time allowed for the race is 33 hours. The trail is highly technical with considerable differences in altitude, exposed sections and the possibility of snowfields, but is run entirely along classified hiking paths.

Sections on paved roads are kept to a minimum and only on public roads where the route passes through built-up areas.


  1. The long section between Colle di Youlaz and Col Chavanne
  2. The descent from Col de la Seigne to the Elisabetta refuge and Lake Combal, passing by Colle delle Pyramides Calcaires
  3. Skyway Monte Bianco – Pavillon du Mont Fréty
  4. The Val Ferret balcony between the Bertone refuge and the Bonatti refuge
  5. The panoramic view of Courmayeur from La Suche


There are several rescue points and refreshment points along the route. Before leaving a refreshment point, runners must ensure they have enough food and water to last them until the next one. The final refreshment point in Courmayeur will supply hot meals.








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